Currently, ExpertOption Company develops dynamically and very fast among competing brokerage companies. The major distinctive feature of this company is the availability of private platform with a diversified set of instruments for trading and analysis in financial markets. Company owns 180 assets for stock exchange trading, materials for education of newcomers and effective technical support. Various bonuses and presents make the partnership very profitable for both, experienced and fresh traders. Everything mentioned above ensures us about the reliability of the company and shows a right spirit. Let’s get to know this company in details.
What is ExpertOption? is quite well-known brokerage, which owns offices in more than 100 countries across the globe and offers all required conditions for successful trading. You can trade via this broker not only from your home PC, but also from mobile devices and tablets with help of iOS and Android applications.

Demo account of ExpertOption.
Prior to start trading with real account, you can also familiarize yourself with the broker via demo account. Demo account is not any different from real one – all rates, deals and sets of instruments are identical. The only difference from real account is that you are not able to withdraw money from your demo account. Instead of wasting your time for registration, all you need is to press one button and open the demo account with standard balance of $ 10,000. Demo account is perfect way of familiarization with broker, testing of new strategies, etc. That is the main reason why it is suitable both for newcomers and experienced traders.

Opening real account.
In order to open real account with ExpertOption you are required to complete the following actions:
1) Enter the or access via the application.
2) Press REAL ACCOUNT button (if you want to open a demo account, please press DEMO button).
3) Provide you email address and password in the new window.
4) After pressing OPEN ACCOUNT button, you will need to select the payment system, currency and deposit amount. Depending on the deposit amount you receive a status on this broker platform. You can read in details about statuses at the website or in application as you open the account.
5) After depositing the amount, you will receive 100% of bonus, i.e. your deposit will be doubled. After that you can go ahead and start trading.

Copying traders deals.
Nowadays, the life does not stay still and each of us is surrounded by lots of troubles: work, education, family, various hobbies etc. We are in hurry to gain as much as possible from any activities, while trying to put as less efforts as possible and, hereby select the most efficient solutions for that. All that is also related to investment – we select the instruments that can bring the biggest profit within a short period of time. Binary options trading is one of such effective instruments for quick profit generation. It is simple and unpretentious: if the trend goes up, you need to press the “UP” button and receive the profit; if the trend goes down – you press “DOWN” and gain profit again. There is no need in special knowledge or specific skills. All you need is to remain patient and track down the price.
Trading with experts service maximally simple and saves huge amount of your time. It is very easy to use it and you need to complete two steps only:
1) Sign-up for experts;
2) Open the asset where experts are trading.

That’s it! All what’s left – observe the transactions appearing on the trend and open your own! Experienced trader can handle trading better. By relying on experienced trader you can ease the process of high profit generation and start earning without major efforts!

Trading Signals.
Trading signals – are recommendations from specialist or powerful robots, which provide the client with advices about buying and selling. All you need to do is press the BUY or SELL button and gain profit.

Three steps only:
1. Receive a signal;
2. Press the button;
3. Gain profit!

Trading with this brokerage platform can be accomplished with 180 different assets. Besides that, the trading can be done with crypto-currency. Trading is done with options that have expiration of 60 seconds to 15 minutes.

Minimum deposit and minimum transaction amount.
ExpertOption Company offers you to make a deposit with minimum amount of $10, while the minimum transaction amount is $1. Likewise, in case of investing small amounts you have a great opportunity to appreciate the advantage of trading in the company and start earning too. Later you can switch to bigger amounts of top-up.

Company offers bonuses up to 125% in case of topping up your account. The bonus applies not only for the first top-up, but to subsequent top-ups as well.

Strategies and Signals.
In broker’s ANALYTICS menu you can find descriptions of different strategies and subsequent trading, as well as their combinations by using which you can create your own strategy with maximum efficiency. In case if you are beginner in trading, then company offers technical signals to notify you about the most suitable moment to make the transaction. In addition, company offers a service that provides tracking of the best traders. Likewise, by subscribing for any trader and accessing the asset where he is currently trading, you can see on the moment when he initiates the transaction your screen duplicate the action. This method is very helpful for traders at the beginner level.

Profitability and funds withdrawal.
Profit from transaction with this broker can reach up to 95%. In order to withdraw the funds from your account you will need to submit the request and you will receive money within 3 working days. Prior to that you are required to go through the verification of your account. In order to do that you need to upload the documents in your personal cabinet. Verification is to be completed within 1 day after you upload the documents.

Mobile Applications.
Traders, who want to trade not by using personal computer only, but wish to remain in touch with the market all the time, are welcome to use mobile applications. You can easily find them at App Store ore Google Play, depending on your mobile device.

Itunes & Google Play

ExpertOption – multilingual platform.
For purposes of comfort the company has translated the platform and website into many different languages for clients from all countries of the world. That’s why it is considered to be multilingual.

Trading Education.
Company has got educational materials, as well as webinars for each individual client. The process itself is constructed in such a way that even an absolute beginner can start earning money by himself after completing this course. Of course, the profit amount will depend on the trader himself.

ExpertOption Company is FRMCC regulated, and it is confirmed by the certificate № 0395 AA Vv0084 от 8/9/2015.

ExpertOption – is a company with quick development rate, which has all the conditions for comfortable and successful trading, so that even the beginner can earn money with help of this platform. All the discussed features are being described by an impressive number of users, who joined within a short period of time. The total number of traders at this platform is currently 3,000,00 people.

20 thoughts on “ExpertOption

  1. It took some time to study! Very good training education. I think you can start making money quickly. Convenient broker with good application for trading online. Just added screenshot of my withdrawals. If you need any help contact me any time: [email protected]


  2. i saw some information about ExpertOption that is scam. But i know 3-4 friends who was paid with out problem. It so strange to see bank account balance 🙂 and hear that somebody wasn’t paid. If you don’t know how to trade you have to practise on the DEMO account!!! demo account has unlimited balance. You can use trading signals, spy on traders deals in real times and other tools. Jsut take time to learn education section.

  3. yep, i was paid 7th times to DCPAY, NETELLER, SKRILL also i was so happy during trading on Litecoin few days… It’s a great asset for trading. But sill waiting when they add this asset to all real accounts.
    So i think really you need take sometime to learn trading strategies to start make real money on ExpertOption.

  4. Just attached my photo of my balance on ExpertOption !
    totally made $450.000 this year.
    My trading history and deposits:
    – January 4 deposits by $1000 (lost everything)
    – February 2 deposits by $1500 (lost first deposit)
    – March: received my first profit: $39.000

    just spend your time and look at education section it really help you.


  5. I am in the process of withdrawal,
    Usually how long does it take to withdraw?
    They took out money out of but I didn’t get the money to my bank yet.

  6. do you withdraw to Bank Card? or other method?
    the main thing that if you made deposit by Bank Card you have to receive withdraw to bank card and then any other method.
    For example if you made deposit by card on $2000 and you earned some money, for example on your balance $7000.
    you have to receive first payment $2000 to your bank card and other amount any way you want.

    As i know withdraw to bank card take some time 🙁 and depends on the bank. Withdraw to card can take from few days up to 3 weeks 🙁 But all other methods works very fast! ( few days! )

  7. I am from Indonesia
    I know expertoption. my question?
    the withdrawal process to the credit card is very secure or not, and how do I withdraw money using a credit card

  8. I saw some information that expertoption the fraud and did not pay and there also said it did not fool expertoption
    Which is true of the information I get? thank you


  9. Hi,
    As i know brokers don’t store bank cards info, they only send request to bank to send some money to you!
    you can withdraw deposits amount to your bank card (for example if you made deposits on $10.000 you can withdraw to card $10.000) and all other amount any other way. ExpertOption has a lot of withdraw methods.

  10. my last withdraw from ExpertOption to bank card… this amount around sum of my deposits, other amount i got on Neteller


  11. Jobe Domingos Mavaieie

    how to put a name and phone number in plataforme….i need help because i wont start in real acount

  12. A great broker. Though working with broker started recently, but happy with the result. Everything works perfectly.

  13. you can withdraw any amount. But for example if you make deposit by card on 100, you will be able withdraw to card 100 only… All other amount you can withdraw with any other way.

  14. The operations provided by this ExpertOption may become operations with high level of risk, and their execution can be very risky. You have to understand that somebody earn money and somebody lose money… I can recommend you spend mode time for education section. You can find education section on the expertoption website for free.

  15. So thank you so much for nice trading platform. I tried a lot of trading platforms and only with ExpertOption i got my profit… So today my second withdraw from ExpertOption, thanks for payment… It’s time to continue trading!

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